Easy Halloween Costume Idea: Scarecrow

by - 9:20 AM

Happy Saturday! Another easy fun Halloween look perfect for a last minute costume :)
Hope you enjoy!

I started out by applying a light brown shade to my crease and over top of it I applied a copper shade. I also applied the copper shade to my lower lash line as well. Unfortunately I do not own an orange eyeshadow but if you own one then you can of course use it or any shade close to it. I do end up deepening my crease but I wanted to keep it safe to start with.  

Next, I applied the copper shade in a rounded triangle shape on my nose.

Time for contour and blush. I contoured my cheekbones, sides of my forehead and my jaw line and applied a reddish orange blush to my cheeks. Again, I don't have an orange blush but either will work.

I took black liquid eyeliner and traced the triangle on my nose and added about six stitch like lines going around the triangle.

Taking the eyeliner again, I drew curved lines on each sides of my mouth and added the stitch-like lines on them. You can make the lines however long you prefer, I like the look of them longer.
Next up Lips. Red lipstick is a must!
Taking the eyeliner again, I chose random spots on my face and drew crisscrossing lines to give the distressed patch-like look.

Back to the eyes. With the eyeliner once more, I basically drew upside down triangles underneath my eyes.

I decided to darken my eyes up by adding black eyeshadow to my outer crease and blending the black and brown together.

Just one more time with the black eyeliner ;) I decided to add the stitch-like lines to my brow. And lastly I added some false eyelashes and that is all!

Add your favorite flannel or plaid button up with some overalls or jeans, a floppy hat and even some straw and you're good to go :)

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